About Galadriel

Welcome to my website about everything belly dance.

My Story

I have been dancing most of my life in some form or another from ballet, jazz and modern to African and belly dance.

My first belly dance class was at age 15 at the local YMCA. I immediately loved it and took another term of a different style of belly dance at the local community college.
Life had other plans for me for a while, so after those initial 2 classes and didn’t get back to it again until I was 30. This time it stuck and I’ve been dancing ever since.
I have been performing and teaching belly dance since 1991. In 1999, I earned a B.S. degree in The Arts with an emphasis on dance and theater and minor in Psychology. I am a conscientious instructor and I love sharing belly dance in all its forms and benefits.

The Teacher in Me

Belly dance is a physical activity as well as an art form and I feel a great responsibility to present it to my students safely, to be costumed appropriately, and to have historical knowledge of their art form.

About this Website

I am passionate about belly dancing and I want everyone to experience the same joy with it that it gives me. My goal is for this site to be a resource for everything about Belly Dance right here in one place.
If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back often and keep in touch as I share more of my passion with you.

Happy Dancing!

Sherry “Galadriel” Calahan



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