Belly Dance as Art

What comes to mind when you think of a belly dancer?

Most of us have some idea or picture in our heads of an image or video we’ve seen of a belly dancer.

What is art to you?  This is such a subjective medium and varies from person to person.  Is it the painting on the wall, the sculpture on the table, the music on the radio, the movie on the screen, or the dancer on the stage?  Is it Picasso, Michelangelo, Nirvana, Spielberg, or Baryshnikov?  Not everyone is going to agree on their definition of art or what is considered art.

Whether it’s photos, printed art, videos or sculpture, the figure of a dancer is always beautiful and enchanting.


I have been performing for over 25 years and consider myself a performance artist.

Live performance is moving and breathing art.  One of Edison’s first films ever on his new fangled video camera was a dancer.


Prints and Photos

Dancers have been a subject of art since the beginning of time.  You can find vintage art in prints, photos, and tapestries.



You can probably tell on an entire website about belly dance that I have a bias for art in regard to dance.  It feels me with joy when I do it and when I see it.  Whether it’s in print, video or live.  I think art should affect the audience in some way.

Feed back and comments are welcome.  I would love to hear what you think about art in all its forms and how it makes you feel. 

2 thoughts on “Belly Dance as Art

  1. Rebecca

    Hi Bdancer, you have a great post. Yes, dancing is an art and I love dancing too. i love ballet and belly dancing as well. I don’t dance anymore, I just like to watch now. While ballet is sophisticated, belly dancing is so exotic.Sometimes I go to You Tube and I watch belly dancing videos. There’s a lot. I love arts too. I am an artist. I play the piano and my daughter dances ballet. Dancing as an art is a form of expression. It is one way to express your feelings. Just like piano playing and painting and singing. Being artistic is like a feeling of passion. A smooth, warm, sweet and tender feeling you experience. It is great to be a dancer, it is great to be artistic. I will be watching for more of your dance blogs.

    1. Galadriel

      Hello, Thanks for dropping by.  I love that dance an an art form is also an exercise.  I feel lucky that my chosen passion is so many things at once.  I admire all artists, especially of the talent that I don’t have.  People can amaze me.  I appreciate your comments.  Thank you!

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