Belly Dance Media and Resources – Read, Watch, Listen and Learn.

The published media for Belly Dance is endless, whether your looking for books, videos, music, publications or informative websites.
Here is a little guide for possible interests in many genres.


One of my favorite books.  >  >

It was the first book I read when I started dancing in 1990.  It captivated me.  It has fascinating history and beautiful illustrations.  A beautiful ‘coffee table’ book.


Books – History, Choreography, Instruction, Costuming, Stories
PublicationsThe Gilded Serpent, Jareeda, From The Hip


DVD’s – History, Choreography, Instruction, Costuming, Performance, Movies
YouTube – Same choices as above.  Here’s an example of old movie clips.


MusicTraditional, Alternative, Tribal


SAQRA – A local dancer from the Pacific NW.  She’s beautiful, funny, talented, and a wealth of useful information.  I have visited her website on many occasions for her advice and helpful insight.

SHIRA.NETAnother of my favorite websites for lots of useful links and information.  Both of these sites will help you find local teachers and events in your area.

Of course I’m biased, but I find the subject of Belly Dance fascinating. It’s history is rich and varied and exotic. The dance is still evolving and I am so happy to be a part of it and share.

Be sure to check out my review page for my personal notes and recommendations.

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2 thoughts on “Belly Dance Media and Resources – Read, Watch, Listen and Learn.

  1. I am way past belly dancing but I love your site. It is clear and informative . I love your back ground imagery and the very neat way everything is set out. I did enjoy watching some belly dancing in Dubai, the dancers teased my 70 year old hubby but it was fun.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Judy! I hope to keep dancing until my 70’s, but I am happy to have a place now where I can write about it too. It will always be a passion in my heart and soul.

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