Creating Your Own Personal Dance/Exercise Space


If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room in your home to create a personal dance space – the possibilities of decor and style could be quite broad and endless depending on budget, space, and skills. Even if you don’t have a whole room – adding some ambiance to a corner you can call your own will inspire and motivate you to be in the mood to dance.
On this page I’ll be listing many ideas and options that you can pick and choose from depending on your space, budget, and style.


Flooring – Hardwood is generally preferred and can be spendy if you don’t already have it.  Vinyl flooring works well too and may be a cheaper option if you need to install new.  Low pile carpet could work depending on your dance style or kinds of exercise.  If you have a cement floor space, you’ll obviously want to make it more comfortable for your feet and for sitting on.  I’ve recently been seeing ads for rubber flooring for studios and gyms.

You could look into the costs for the types of flooring above, but there are still cheaper options.  Check carpet stores for scraps or end pieces that they sell different sizes for throw rugs.  One or two of those just might be the solution.

Mirrors – This is optional, but an important tool for checking yourself on technique, performance ready, and safety of the movement. Probably the easiest and cheapest is the mirrors at department stores that are already framed and easy to hang.  They might be the best option for a really small space.  If you have a larger space and want to cover a wall with better quality, check local glass dealerships.  You can usually get plate glass mirrors and the hardware to install them and possibly help with the installation too.

Sound System – Budget and space has every thing to do with this.  In a small space a portable boom box or your own mobile devices with speakers or earphones maybe enough.  A larger space and at more expense could be as fancy as a wired sound system for the room.

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VCR/Video system – This is also optional, but if you like to add instructional videos to your workout routines this is an item to be considered.

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THE DECOR – Personalize it.

Before there was all these fusion styles for belly dance, it was mostly an Oriental style that belly dancers created in their dance space.
Pillows, rugs, tapestries, bamboo furniture, screens, fabric, instruments, drums, vases.

Now consider these and be creative!  —->

HIPPIE Style – psychedelic, incense, lava lamps
FANTASY Style – dragons, fairies,
GOTH – Black, skulls,

Other additions for specialized dancers or exercise routines-

ballet bars, pole, ribbons,

Yoga – diffuser, mats, ball, trapeze

Weight equipment




Your comments, questions and feedback is always welcome.  Thanks for stopping by!

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