Find Your Passion – Change Your Life


Do you have a passion that you are excited about

and that you love to share, teach, talk or write about?

This may be just the business opportunity for you!


Be Passionate and Share it! ~

I was lucky to find my passion in 1990 when I started belly dancing.  After 1 year of classes I started performing and teaching.

The dance changed my life.  I never thought I would be a public entertainer, but all of a sudden I’m producing shows, announcing and hosting, making costumes, teaching, and making tons of new friends.  It’s always just been a hobby business for me and never made any profit.

I have also found that I love to share this dance by writing about it.  I have written 2 articles for a belly dance publication and felt pretty good about what I had to share that came from my heart.



I have found an amazing opportunity to make money on-line for writing and sharing my passion and linking up with places that you can shop for and learn about the subject I’m writing about.

This is an on-line course that walks you through creating your own website around your passion and adding affiliate links that can make you money. If you are willing to spend a few hours a day and have patience to stick with the course and build your website, then the potential to make money could be huge.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate for your opportunity to do the same with what you are passionate about.


Share your passion, make some money and change your life!




Please feel free to ask questions or comment.  I would love to hear from you.

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