History of Belly Dance


Belly Dance is an ancient dance with lots of history. It has roots from the Middle East, to Turkey and Egypt and other countries. It’s path and history is varied and diverse and sometimes hard to trace.  Historians tell us it was first seen in America at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. The full account of the event and name of the dancer(s) has had some mystery about it even from the historians themselves, but is mostly credited to a dancer they called Little Egypt.


This page will be more of a resource and referral page to links about the histories. I am not a scholar of belly dance history, but I will be researching more for this page as this site is a work in progress.  For now, wiki has a lot of good info to start with so I will share that link with you here:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belly_dance

The dance is still evolving today and has become a modern art form greatly infused with tribal, goth, fantasy and more. Americans are now influencing these ancient countries with our ‘tribal’ style.  Belly dancing can be found in nearly every country now and with all these influences present.

Check back often as I expand this page while I expand my knowledge to share.

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