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Belly Dance has had a new explosion of interest and new followers that have influenced its fashion style since the 90’s with Shakira and the traveling Belly Dance Superstars in 2000’s, more than ever in its history before.  This influence is seen in the costuming and the way it moves leading to more and more choices in costuming style, accessories and instructional videos and music.

Videos I’ve watched

      • Delilah of Seattle – I have a series of videos she did in the 70’s and I love them. I have also taken a private class with her and find her to be an excellent instructor.  Easy to follow and a very skilled dancer.  I believe anything with Delilah would be high quality.
      •  Neena and Veena – I have an early workout series from them.  Great easy to follow instruction and very effective workout.
      • Rachel Brice – I own her first video and it is quite a workout. I believe you will get good instruction from Rachel no matter what she’s teaching.  She is beautiful to watch and a fun and lovely person!

    • Tribaret – with Carrie Konyah.  I love this video, since the combination of tribal and cabaret really suits me.  Great and easy to follow instruction.
    • Tribal basics with Kajira Djoumahna.  Kajira is a direct descendant of Fat Chance Belly Dance that created American Tribal Style.  You are getting the authentic ATS instruction here.

Read titles carefully.  Many good instructors also put out videos that are just performance, so if you’re looking for a class make sure it’s an instructional video and not just a performance.

  • Books I’ve read

    • Serpent of the Nile by Wendy Bounaventura – Such a beautiful book!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  The pictures are gorgeous and I really enjoyed reading it as well.  I have seen it criticized for her biased account of some history so keep that in mind.  Still worth checking it out, in my opinion.
    • Looking for Little Egypt – Fun little history book of how belly dance came to America in the 1896 Chicago World’s Fair.
    • Belly Dance Book of Practice Prompts – I wasn’t sure I would get much out of this book since I had been dancing over 25 years by the time I bought it, but I was pleasantly surprised.  There were quite a few little points and ideas to spark and motivate even an old dog like me.  It also comes with a on-line bonus guide after your purchase.
    • Tribal Bible by Kajira Djoumahna

  • Costumes and Accessories – Sites and Goodies I recommend

    • Moon Dance Belly Dance
    • Miss Belly Dance
    • Dahlal
    • Costume Bra – There are many shopping sites for costuming.  I have shopped at Amazon for costumes, but have gotten some things that weren’t the best quality.  I recently purchased a bra and was pleasantly surprised.  It fits well and good quality for the price.  I also think it works for a new dancer as well as more seasoned performers.  >>


Drums and Zils

It’s always safer to buy something in person to see it’s quality and size and other important details, but there are so many choices on line these days and the convenience makes it more attractive.  I have learned the hard way (and sometimes still do) that it’s critical to read reviews of the product or companies whenever possible before you buy on line.

I will be sharing my reviews throughout my website on products and services and would welcome your feedback. If you have a review to share or a question or argument about one my reviews, feel free to comment.

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